Shooter Performance Data

Ever wonder how you performed in the same event last year, or your average in the last 5 events? From your scores to the weather that day, it will all be automatically recorded for you to reference and analyze whenever you want. 

Slay Clays Ranking

Ever wonder how you stack-up in your area, state, region, nation or world? The Slay Clays ranking system makes it exciting to see how you compare to others.

Tiered Rewards

An industry first. Get rewarded for performance and participation in shotgun sports. Run your first 25? Run your first 100? Get rewards from third party brands for your achievements. 

Membership Management

A single place to view all your memberships. From your local club, ATA, NSCA, and NSSA. Slay Clays provides a single page to view your membership status with the ability to renew.