Event and Sport Marketing

We have a shared mission… more memberships, more participation, leading to a healthy, vibrant sport. Slay Clays will help you market your specific event though automated tools, on-line technology and social media.

Registration/Payment Processing

Tired of dealing with a long line on the day of the event? Allow shooters to pre-pay online and skip the overhead of an in-person transaction. Pre-registration and payment also allows you to communicate with and manage your shooters as soon as your event goes live. This takes some of the guesswork out of knowing what turnout you’ll actually have at your event.


As the shooters start registering for your event, the pre-squadding system allows you to start managing the squads before the day of the event. 

Automatic Report Generation

Your event was awesome, everyone is packing up to go home and you still have a couple of hours of work to do with generating reports… wrong, not with automatic report generation and submission to the governing body. Our mission is to streamline the entire event process.

Virtual Tournaments

Travel is expensive. Save everyone time and money by running a virtual tournament. As we modernize the sport, we need modern tools to keep up. Ability to run virtual tournaments at the town, state, region or nation level is the future.